A NOTE FROM THE ROAD (Port Townsend, Washington, 6/29/2017


Shimala Guitars

I’ve played Martin, Gibson, Guild, Mossman, Pearne, a host of small luthier brands, and for the last eight years, Larrivee (I still believe that it is almost impossible to find a bad Larrivee, which is amazing for a large producer of acoustic guitars), so I am saying something when I say that this is the best guitar I’ve ever played or heard.

It is completely balanced, with an unusually present bass response (for a small bodied guitar). It projects beautifully yet has no dead or muffled spots when amplified (that is partly the workings of the Fishman Rare Earth blend but bracing does play a part in this when an internal mic is involved). It is equally effective when played with fingers and flat-picks (of which I use many, made of different materials). The neck (this is a 12-fret model) allows for the full range of playing, wide enough to allow for a relaxed left hand, yet thin enough (top to bottom) to make playing quickly a snap. The fretwork is exceptional, as well.

This guitar is also beautiful. Really beautiful, with lovely, understated binding, and woods. It is a measure of just how great a Luthier Matt Shimala is that the physical beauty of his work is the last thing to be mentioned.

I have now played enough shows to know. In 45 years of playing, I’ve never played a better guitar.

My picture with a phone doesn't do the guitar justice. 

You can find Matt here. You will be glad you did.








Shimala 12-fret 00

Songs at The Center Worthington, OH January 2015