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CD includes Special Edition Oval Sticker!


Bell’s on more familiar territory as he moves on to the folk side of the Right Reverend, the songs here not dissimilar to those which have seen him mentioned as a worthy successor to Guthrie, Van Zandt and Springsteen- Paul Kerr for Blabber and Smoke

In a just world, Nathan Bell / The Right Revered should be gathering more followers to his musical flock on the strength of his riveting catalogue - since catching Bell live in February 2017 for the first time I count myself in. Here he continues to impress- Mike Ritchie for Fatea magazine

Produced by Brian Brinkerhoff and Frank Swart

Rarely does an album title give you a perfect description of the music contained within but, here, it does- there’s a Blues side and a Folk side, four songs each that that fit into those broad categories, yet hang together seamlessly in a way that doesn’t shout out, “these are different styles.” They are simply powerful songs with individually defined musical elements from the American roots music styles that inform Bell’s playing and writing.

From the punch of the electric Blues and rhythm of "Retread Cadillac (Lightnin')" to the new American classic Folk standard that Bell penned in "The Big Old American Dream", this EP is an eight song journey through the pain, disappointment, heartache, and politics that are the New America.

-Brian Brinkerhoff for Need To Know Audio and Skunk Works

7 Inch 45 RPM Vinyl Single on Yellow Vinyl

Includes "Heavy as a Talent" and To Each of Us (a shadow), recorded live in the studio.

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