Fathers and Mothers

You’ve got yourself a cardboard sign and the time to wave it
This world’s going straight to Hell and you’re going to save it
You are standing in the rain wishing you were somewhere else
Standing on the sidewalk wishing you were someone else

It’s an old county courthouse made out of glass and stone
There’s a child inside who’s been too many years alone
But you say only a man and a woman can make a family
And you’ll be damned if that boy ever goes home with me

The world needs more father and mothers
Willing to love little sisters and brothers
And a lot less hate from you and the others
Who would stand in the way
Of fathers and mothers

A heart can never have too much love
If you ask me
But a heart with only a little bit of hate
Just stays empty

I walk up the concrete steps and go in through the door
I can see your mouth moving but I can’t hear you anymore
You know Jesus was a baby boy once just like you
They say he loved everybody, maybe someday you will too