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  1. My Favorite Year


My Favorite Year

Words and Music by Nathan Bell copyright 2009

They called him Kid Blue
He wasn’t worth a damn
He was a lousy movie bandit
You were a good man
I didn’t know it then
But now I can see
You were just a kid yourself in 1973
That was my favorite year

From Barcelona to Marrakech
I was a young man on fire
Couldn’t catch my breath
We fought all summer
I couldn’t help myself
I was fifteen
And I was scared to death
That was my favorite year

We ran out of money
This year we’re out of time
It might have been different
But I don’t mind
I just go forward
I learned that from you
And it’s a lucky man
Who has a job to do
This was my favorite year

So I hope you know
And that you never forget this
I’m happy I was always there
To be a witness
I was the luckiest boy
Who was ever anywhere
And thanks to you
Every year
Was my favorite year