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  1. Rust


Rust (after a film by Sami Kahn 75 El Camino)

Words and Music Nathan Bell copyright 2009

You can always find me here you know
Reflected in the glass
And I won’t be the first to go
But I just might be the last
You can see the end in metal
Etched by wind and dust
So you take another drink and listen
As everything turns
To rust

You can build whatever you want to build
Time will make it bend
You can love someone with all your will
And still lose them in the end
When you’re young
You’re full of brave words
Chemicals and lust
Until one day you just stop talking
And you can hear everything turn
To rust

I’ve been trying to keep the water out
Trying to stay afloat
Trying like hell to save this house
It’s the only thing I know

I might climb up on the roof one day
Wave the white flag and give up
Close my eyes and listen
As everything turns
To rust